The Findon colony in New Zealand was created by the emigration from England to New Zealand of :

John Findon :

John was born in 1848 at Chadley Farm, Wellesbourne , near Warwick and emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1870s subsequently marrying Martha Ward in 1878.

The family tree for the descendants of John and Martha is now substantially complete.



Amended 6th. April 2012 , awaiting upload of more data….

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  • Peter Findon:

    I am a direct decendant of John Findon. My grandfather, Joseph Ernest Sargent Findon was the youngest son of John Findon and Martha Ward.

    My father Joseph Robin Sargent Findon had undertaken quite a lot of research into the Findon family.

  • Peter, if you email me direct using my email address shown in Introduction- Contact us I’ll reply and send you my version of the New Zealand Findon family tree.
    I imagine that you will have found your mother and father in the picture of the Findon reunion of 1997 ?
    best wishes Geoff

  • Peter Findon:

    Over the past few years I have continued the work my father completed on the Findon Family tree and tried to put some stories together about my ancestors.

    From what my father and I have gathered, those using the Findon surname in New Zealand are directly linked to John Findon of Wellesbourne, who married Martha Ward in Dunedin, New Zealand. Martha was from Lambourn in England and both emigrated to NZ in the 1870s.

    I have only just discovered this website by chance and would appreciate the opportunity to view more of the Family details if that is possible.

  • Peter Findon:

    PS I also have photos of John and Martha Findon which I would be happy share. I am also happy to share information I have gathered on the Findon Family. I have not been able to confirm a Coat of Arms for the Findon Family and would to interested if anyone has information on that. Dad had some details but I am certain of the details.

    Regards Peter

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