When the Findon name research was started about 15 years ago it seemed likely that the surnames ‘FinEdon’ and ‘FindEn’ were spelling variants of ‘Findon’.
Frequently the spelling is interchanged, particularly in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire possibly because of the association with the similarly spelt Northamptonshire town of FinEdon,  SE of Kettering.

However, it is now believed that FindEn is a separate surname, at least during the last 500yrs, and it seems to have its origins concentrated in Hampshire.
By contrast the Findon surname is concentrated in Warwickshire but with a smaller group moving from Bedfordshire (c.1600) into Northamtonshire by 1800.

So back to FinEdon : this surname is very rare in that the ‘Surnames of England & Wales database’ lists only 25 FinEdon occurences compared with 288 FindOns and 158 FindEns.

On the basis of this the surname FinEdon is now considered to have arisen as a variant branch of the Findons found in Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire.